Bike to Shop Day 2016 - Click here for more info!

Bike to Shop Day is an exciting, one-day event that encourages people to ride bicycles to local businesses in Silicon Valley. This daylong event encourages people to bike when accomplishing their Saturday errands. Bike to Shop Day promotes a healthy lifestyle by increasing physical activity – riding vs. driving. Image sourced from Yuba Bikes.

Transportation accounts for a 44% of greenhouse gas emissions produced by county operations. County-wide, transportation is the source of 58% of total greenhouse gas emissions, with drive-alone vehicle trips contributing the majority. By definition, transportation is a multi-jurisdictional issue, and the County works in partnership with jurisdictions and the region to reduce reliance on drive-alone trips and meet the growing demand for better walking, bus, and bicycling networks.

The Federal Highway Administration reports that the annual number of vehicle miles traveled (VMT) has leveled off for a decade.  VMT is projected to decline in future because there’s a 23% decrease in car ownership among Millennials and the senior population is expected to double by 2035. San Mateo County is already seeing record-setting transit ridership increases and bicycle use on CalTrain has expanded at three times the rate of walk-on passengers since 2008.

By adopting a Complete Streets policy, and supporting programs like  the Commute Alternatives Program for County employees, Bay Area Bike Share, and Connect! Redwood City, the County is working to meet the increasing demand for sustainable transportation options to serve residents and employees. 

Check out or for information on regional programs to reduce commute trips and encourage sustainable transportation options.