Only stormwater is allowed to enter into the storm drain system. Potential pollutants and other materials such as washwaters, sewage, automotive fluids, construction materials, paint, sediment, silt, and food wastes are not allowed to enter into the storm drain system. Reporting incidents of water pollution problems such as illegal dumping, spills or illicit discharges helps keep our local creeks, San Francisco Bay, and the Pacific Ocean clean.

When to make a report?

  • When you find dumped waste in or near the storm drain
  • When you notice unusual odors in or near the storm drain
  • When the drainage system has unusually large flows during dry period
  • When you see someone illegally dumping anything into the storm drain

How to make a report?

For unincorporated areas of San Mateo County:

Office of Sustainability,, 1-888-442-2666

For direct discharges to Colma Creek, San Bruno Creek, or San Francisquito Creek:

Julie Casagrande,, 650-363-4100

For a complete list of illicit discharge coordinators in San Mateo County:

NOTE: If you are reporting an emergency situation that could result in imminent or substantial danger to the health and safety of persons, call 911.