If you're a regular or extra-help San Mateo County employee, you are eligible to join the County's Commute Alternatives Program and the hundreds of other County employees who care about the environment, who benefit financially by not driving alone, and who help the County reduce peak-hour commute trips, a critical goal in the County's growth plan. 

By not driving to work alone every single day, you can help reduce emissions, minimize the number of vehicles traveling to and from your work location, and benefit financially with a subsidy of up to a $75/month (or up to $900 a year!) by taking public transit or joining a vanpool.  Or if you carpool, bike or walk to work at least 8 times each month, we'll reward you with $20 for each month that you do so. 

Learn from the champions: Check out your co-workers' best tips to improve your commute.

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