Solar. Simple. Together. 

Neighboring communities throughout San Mateo County and Vote Solar have partnered to launch Peninsula SunShares, a solar group education and purchasing program for homeowners.

Peninsula SunShares pools the power of the community, enabling the solar industry to offer more competitive pricing - with an additional incentive that provides even better savings as more people contract for solar on their homes. 

Two reputable solar installers have been selected through a competitive bidding process by a community evaluation committee. There is no cost to receive a proposal from one or both of the installers and you are not obligated to move forward with a project.

Should you decide solar is a good fit for your home, please sign your contract by August 31, 2015 to take advantage of the discounted program pricing.

For more information and to register, click here

To join at us at a workshop, download the PDF flyer provided below.