Sustainable Purchasing Fact Sheets

These fact sheets were developed by Environmental Health to provide the public with a primer on various aspects of sustainable purchasing. 


Sustainable purchasing is an important component of reducing the amount of waste generated. By ensuring that the products and services purchased by the County are not harmful to the environment or contain excess packaging, we can protect the well-being of our employees and further develop markets for environmentally preferred products. 

Under the guidance of the County's Government Operations Climate Action Plan, the Environment Procurement Policy (EPP) is undergoing review. The current EPP was adopted in 2000, which included the following requirements:

  • All paper products must meet U.S.EPA guidelines for post-consumer recycled fiber content
  • The motor pool uses oil products that are at least 25% re-refined and where practicable uses recycled antifreeze
  • Carpets in county buildings are made of recycled materials and use installation compounds with the lowest available volatile organic content
  • All playground equipment and rubberized surfacing must have the highest possible recycled content
  • Products with recycled content receive a 10% price preference