San Mateo County is committed to the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while protecting the unique resource of San Mateo County. In 2005, commercial, industrial, and residential energy use accounted for 28% of GHG emissions in the community. Energy efficiency is a key component to reaching GHG emission reduction goals and achieving a higher quality of life in the County. 

The Office of Sustainability promotes energy efficiency through its work with the Bay Area Regional Energy Network (Bay REN) to implement effective energy savings programs on a regional level. Bay REN offers four different programs to help County residents, business owners, and contractors reduce their energy consumption, while saving money.

The Office of Sustainability is also exploring the feasibility of a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program in San Mateo County to reduce greenhouse emissions and support the growth of both local and state-wide renewable energy projects.

For more energy efficiency programs in San Mateo County, check out San Mateo County Energy Watch-a partnership between Pacific, Gas, and Electric Company and the City/County Association of Governments.