Bike Share

Visiting San Mateo County Center in Redwood City? Try Bay Area Bike Share to connect to Caltrain, run errands, or just go for a spin.

Visiting the City of San Mateo? Try Bay Bikes, a new bikeshare technology launched by the City of San Mateo in May 2016. Unlock and pay with your mobile device, ride to any destination and lock up: GPS shows users where to find a bike.

Bay Area Bike Share is a regional bike sharing system that started with 700 bikes and 70 stations. It will be expanding to 7000 bikes in San Francisco, East Bay, and San Jose. It's a kiosk-based transportation option for making short connections from hub to hub in urban centers in a fun, easy, and affordable way.

Ready to go for a ride? Membership costs, FAQ, maps of bike stations by city, and more are available online at

About Bay Area Bikeshare

The Bay Area Bike Share operated as a pilot project in a partnership among local government agencies including the Air District, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, Sam-Trans, Caltrain, the County of San Mateo, the San Mateo County Transportation Authority, the City of Redwood City and the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority. The initial pilot phase cost approximately $7 million with $1.4 million in funding provided by the Air District, $1.3 million from the local agency partners and $4.29 million from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. In 2016, a private business, Motivate, purchased the system with committment to expand the system.

In the Bay Area, the transportation sector accounts for more than 50 percent of air pollution overall, and 38% of our county's greenhouse gas emissions. Significant emission reductions from the transportation sector will help the Bay Area attain and maintain state and national air quality standards and reduce greenhouse gases.